Energize With Our Sauna + Cold Plunge Lake Experience

Try our wellness experience in a private setting in central Oregon. The Lake Simtustus Resort team will make sure you feel welcome and rejuvenated each time you visit our private, exclusive setting in nature.

How It Works: The Sauna + Cold Plunge Lake Experience:

HEAT: 5-15 minutes

Toast yourself in our Finnleo NorthStar outdoor sauna.

COLD: 5-30 seconds depending on experience/ comfort.

Plunge into the refreshing 52-degree ice-cold lake water.

REST: 1-2 minutes

Sit back and relax! 


We suggest a 60-minute session. You complete the cycle four times: each time, the results are more intense. If you want a shorter experience we also offer a 30-minute session where you plunge + heat up twice, instead of four times. You'll get the same benefits - half the time.

Cold plunge benefits:

* Fights Inflammation- Exposure to cold temperature causes a raise in a protein in your body that combats inflammation.

* May Support Longevity- Cold temperatures act as a mild "workout" for the nervous system which adapts and strengthens.

* May Speed Up Recovery- The physiological effect of cold therapy induces reductions in blood flow, swelling, inflammation, muscle spasm, and metabolic demand.

* May also improve sleep quality, strengthen the immune system, combat oxidative stress, and reduce pain.

Sauna benefits:

* Detoxification

* Increased metabolism

* Pain reduction

* Anti-aging

* Relaxation

* Improved sleep

* Immunity defense


Warning statements:

Coldwater increases the risk of drowning can cause hypothermia and can impact even the most capable swimmers. Swimming or falling into cold water (<15°C) can result in cold water shock and increases the risk of drowning. Please consult your doctor beforehand! 

Saunas appear safe for most people. However, people with uncontrolled high blood pressure and heart disease should check with their doctors before taking a sauna. Here are some general precautions: Avoid alcohol and medications that may impair sweating and produce overheating before and after your sauna. Please consult your doctor beforehand!

It’s always important to be cautious with the hot sauna + and cold plunge experience. Needless to say, the hot/cold experience is not for everyone. For example, it’s not recommended for those who are prone to high blood pressure. In these situations, the extreme temperature change may even be shocking to the system. Additionally, pregnant women should be cautious. When it comes to the cold plunge, experts recommend a momentary plunge. Like anything health-related, the hot and cold technique should be discussed with a doctor, particularly if there are outstanding health issues.



Sauna + Cold Plunge Research

“Physical Performance: This article outlines a plethora of great information in a very palatable form. Here you can learn about real performance gains in various studies. A must-read!

Inflammation: Cold Plunge, it's not for show it's for real. Read a study here done on cold therapy and its effects on inflammation.

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Mood Stabilization: This 2007 study looks at using cold therapy as a treatment for depression. Check it out.

Mood Stabilization: Winter swimming! Feel good! Have a look