Wellness & On Site Amenities


Enjoy a rejuvenating wellness experience with our sauna and cold plunge contrast therapy, or enjoy the other resort activities to keep you moving and feeling your best.


While you escape to Madras, OR, and enjoy your weekend in an RV or tiny home, The Lake Simtustus Resort team welcomes you to try our private wellness experiences in central Oregon, including our sauna, pickleball, and other opportunities. 

After settling down in your RV or Tiny Home, take part in our unique contrast therapy. We recommend alternating heat and cold for multiple cycles in a single, 60-minute session to get the most out of the contrast therapy.

To get the best experience, take a look at the following instructions: 

  1. For 5-15 minutes, toast yourself in our premium Finnleo Northstar outdoor sauna.

  2. For 5-30 seconds, plunge into the refreshing 52-degree lake water. Your time here will depend on your experience with cold plunging or your comfort level.

  3. Rest for 1-2 minutes before repeating the cycle.

We recommend repeating for four rounds. 
Short on time? Repeat twice for a quicker cycle with the same benefits!

The sauna and cold plunge have many benefits for the mind and body. Some benefits of the cold plunge may include fighting inflammation, supporting longevity, speeding up recovery post-workout, improving sleep quality, and strengthening the immune system!

Similarly, heat and the sauna may support pain reduction, immunity defense, increased metabolism, anti-aging effects, and increased relaxation.**
If you're interested in learning more about cold plunges, saunas, and the benefits they may have, check out some of these resources below:

“Exposure to cold is known to activate the sympathetic nervous system.”

“Emerging evidence suggests that beyond its use for pleasure, sauna bathing may be linked to several health benefits.”

“Immersion in cold water can decrease delayed onset of muscle pain after high-intensity exercise.”

“Improvement of general well-being is thus a benefit induced by regular winter swimming.”

C0ntrast therapy n0t quite y0ur thing?
L00king f0r s0me 0ther activities t0 partake in?

The Lake Simtustus Resort and Marina has plenty more to offer!

Whether you're ready to challenge your friends and family to a game of pickleball on our private court or explore the lake in other ways, there are plenty of choices to fill your day!

  • Pickleball: Come play a game of pickleball with friends or family on our private pickleball courts! Feel free to bring your paddles or stop by the front office to rent equipment. 

  • Golf: If you're looking for something more leisurely, walk next door to the pickleball court and enjoy our 5-hole putting green available for guests to use. 

  • Hiking: Outside of the resort, there is also plenty to explore! The Lake Simtustus resort connects directly to BLM and Crooked River National Grasslands, or drive further out to enjoy other trails such as Smith Rock, Juniper Butte, and the Willow Creek Trail.

  • Lake Activities: While the cold plunge might not be for everyone, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the lake and water at the resort. Take a swim around the swimming area or rent one of our many stand-up paddleboards, pontoons, or kayaks to explore even more.

  • Hot Tub: Kick back and relax in the hot tub located in your tiny home rental property. Like the sauna, the hot tub is perfect for hanging out and giving your muscles a break after a long day on the water, trails, or the courts!

No matter how you want to spend your day, Lake Simtutus Resort & Marina has many wellness options for you to choose from!

**Please be aware of the warnings before taking part in this experience. Like anything health-related, the hot and cold technique should be discussed with a doctor, mainly if there are outstanding health issues.

Cold water may increase the risk of drowning, cause hypothermia, and impact even the most capable swimmers. Swimming or falling into cold water (<15°C) can result in cold water shock and increase the risk of drowning. 

Saunas appear safe for most people. However, people with uncontrolled high blood pressure and heart disease should check with their doctors before taking a sauna. Before heading into the sauna, it’s best to avoid alcohol and medications that may impair 
sweating and overheating before and after your sauna. 

Being cautious with the hot sauna and cold plunge experience is always essential. Be aware that this experience is only for some. For example, those prone to high blood pressure are recommended not to participate as the extreme temperature change may even be shocking to the system. Additionally, pregnant women should take caution. 
When it comes to the cold plunge, experts recommend a momentary dip. Like anything health-related, the hot and cold technique should be discussed with a doctor, mainly if there are outstanding health issues.