Photos Of Fishing At Lake Simtustus

Above photo was taken at the dam at the upper end of the lake. Lake Simtustus is almost 10 miles long and the Round Butte dam is between Lake Billy Chinook and Lake Simtustus. Boats above are tied up to logs at the upper end of Lake Simtustus.

Ready for opening day? This fish truck unloads fish right in front of the campsites at Lake Simtustus RV Park. The fish will swim all over this huge lake, but for several days many of them sill stay right in front of your campground. Lake Simtustus is almost 10 miles long but Lake Simtustus RV Park is located in a bay near the loser end of the lake. It's a great place to fish because many of the fish are planted there in the beginning. You can catch fish right from your campsite on Level A. You may have to look close but after the fish planting truck left there were hundreds of fish in the water and you can see them in the movie below.


17 lb Rainbow Trout!

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